Can a Pet Sitter Help You?

  • Do you want to go to lunch with co-workers instead of rushing home to let your pet outdoors?
  • Do you want to grab dinner or socialize with a friend after work but can’t because you need to tend to your pet?
  • Do you struggle planning a vacation because you feel uneasy about placing your pet in a kennel?
  • Do you feel guilty asking your family or friends for assistance with your pet so you can enjoy time away?
  • Does your pet get into the trash during the day and create messes in your beautiful home?
  • Are you unable to stay overnight somewhere because you need to be close by your pet?
  • Are you not able to buy or adopt a pet because you do not have the flexibility in your schedule to care for a pet?
  • Do you have difficulty finding time to clean up the messes your pet leaves in the yard?
  • Are you struggling to find time to take off so your pet is able to receive the necessary check ups from the veterinarian?
  • Are you struggling to find time to provide your pet with the grooming they require?
  • Are you struggling to find the time or energy to provide your pet with adequate exercise?
  • Are you not able to keep your pet outside while you are away because your neighbors have mentioned they make too much noise?

If you answered yes to one or many of these questions, K9 Convenience is for you. We have experienced these same challenges personally and want to provide you with solutions we did not have access to previously. You can fulfill your personal, professional, and social needs all while providing your pet the care they need. Call K9 Convenience today to schedule a free consultation to experience the benefits of freedom for yourself and pet services provided by caretakers that screened, bonded, and insured.